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Graycliff Boutiques & Divans Nassau: A Smoker’s Paradise

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calendarMonday, 22 April

Flying is stressful and unless one is part of an exclusive club that costs hundreds of dollars a year in membership fees, there aren’t many options for the average Joe looking to unwind in an airport.  Naturally this demand attracted famed Bahamian business mogul Paolo Garzaroli who saw a way to offer a little piece of luxury to an ever busy flying experience.graycliff-nassau-smoking-lounge-001Located after the C-41 gate of the U.S.A. departures terminal at the Sir Lynden Pindling International airport in Nassau, the Graycliff Boutique and Divan is approximately 5,600 square feet of air conditioned comfort and relaxation for both smokers and non-smokers.graycliff-nassau-smoking-lounge-002 A one time fee of $15 grants access to an indoor smoking & non smoking lounge, as well as an outdoor sun deck, complimentary drink at the bar and inclusive WiFi.graycliff-nassau-smoking-lounge-005Smokers will be delighted to know that the smoker’s section is equipped with a proprietary air filtration system that cycles the air inside the lounge every 15 seconds. The air is filtered so well, in fact, it’s easy to forget you’re in a smoking lounge in the first place!graycliff-nassau-smoking-lounge-003An array of Graycliff brand cigars and chocolates are available on demand for those itching for a last minute taste of quality, while an assortment of jewlery, clothing and an other gifts are for sale to anyone looking to bring a piece of Nassau back home with them in their luggage.graycliff-nassau-smoking-lounge-004Whether you’re a smoker, or non smoker, the Graycliff Boutiques & Divans in Nassau, Bahamas brings the executive lifestyle that the Graycliff brand is recognized for to the forefront of an ever competitive and growing airport lounge market.


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